MSF Response Measles Vaccination (Am Timan District)
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Construction of the 2nd ETC in Mubende

Overcoming obstacles in the fight against Ebola in Uganda

Project Update 25 Oct 2022
Three people found handcuffed, four injured on the Aegean island of Lesvos (MSF)

People found handcuffed and injured on the Greek island of Lesvos

Press Release 25 Oct 2022
A compound dotted with makeshift shelters that many new arrivals and returning refugees call home in Dagahaley

High risk of outbreaks amid poor living conditions for newly arrived refugees in Dadaab

Press Release 25 Oct 2022
Flooding in Upper Nile
South Sudan

Conflict in Greater Upper Nile impedes assistance to people already devastated by flooding

Press Release 21 Oct 2022
Safe abortion care

The evolution of safe abortion care in MSF

Voices from the Field 21 Oct 2022
COVID-19 Vaccination - Northwest Syria - Idlib

Cholera spreads across Syria putting vulnerable people at serious risk

Project Update 21 Oct 2022
Réponse MSF à l'Urgence Choléra 2022

Haiti on the verge of health disaster

Press Release 21 Oct 2022

Providing care to displaced people in Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia

Project Update 20 Oct 2022
Boats on Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean migration

Malta instructs rescue ship to take 23 people to Egypt rather than to closer ports in Europe

Press Release 19 Oct 2022
Internally displaced people in Kaya, Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso

Violence and severe supply shortages leave people across Burkina Faso in dire need

Interview 17 Oct 2022
Pakistan floods emergency DADU 11

Seven weeks of emergency response in Pakistan

Project Update 14 Oct 2022
Baidoa Malnutrition Crises

An alarming cycle of drought, malnutrition and disease in Baidoa

Project Update 12 Oct 2022
Mental health activities in Hajjah City

Rebuilding people's lives in Yemen through mental health support

Project Update 10 Oct 2022
Mozambique: Inside MSF’s relief items kits distributions to newly displaced people in Cabo Delgado

People struggling to survive after five years of conflict in Cabo Delgado

Project Update 5 Oct 2022
Ebola outbreak in Uganda

Ebola in Uganda: Four things you need to know

Project Update 5 Oct 2022
Cholera in Haiti

MSF responds to a resurgence of cholera cases amid insecurity and violence

Statement 4 Oct 2022
MSF evacuation train in Kyiv

Over 200 psychiatric patients evacuated from overcrowded hospital in Kharkiv

Project Update 29 Sep 2022
NIGERIA NW Malnutrition Kebbi

UN must recognise ‘critical emergency’ malnutrition crisis in northwest Nigeria

Press Release 27 Sep 2022
Mubende Ebola Response

Responding to the latest Ebola outbreak in Uganda

Statement 26 Sep 2022
Emergency response in Kwamouth 20
Democratic Republic of Congo

Thousands affected by inter-communal violence in Maï-Ndombe province

Project Update 26 Sep 2022
Migration in the Americas
Central American Migration

Barriers don’t deter people making their way to the United States

Project Update 23 Sep 2022
Floodings: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa E-Response

Responding in the aftermath of the Pakistan floods

Project Update 23 Sep 2022
Humanitarian Action’s Dr Olga talking to the patients

Supporting people displaced by the conflict in Ukraine to Russia

Project Update 20 Sep 2022
Arop Magut’s foot

Why rapid treatment is essential after a snakebite

Medium. 16 Sep 2022
MSF Logistique - Bordeaux
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