MSF TB Treatment in Mumbai, India
We fill gaps in India’s health system and provide medical care to people who would otherwise struggle to access it.

MSF has a number of long-standing projects in India, which we run in conjunction with the state authorities to address existing healthcare needs and emerging public health concerns.

We also run mobile clinics in remote areas of the country, where even preventable, treatable conditions such as malaria can assume life-threatening proportions.

Our teams are currently responding to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in the country, including running a 100-bed field hospital in Bihar state.

Key Activities

In 2019
Kala azar-HIV co-infection in Bihar, Animated explainer | ENG

Explaining kala azar-HIV co-infection

Have you heard of kala azar?

Kala azar is a neglected but potentially fatal tropical disease. India accounts for 30 per cent of cases worldwide.

This short animation explains what kala azar is, how it relates to HIV, and what we are doing in response.

Since 80 per cent of India's kala azar cases are reported in Bihar, we set up a programme there in 2007.

People living with HIV are particularly vulnerable to kala azar, so since 2016 we have been focusing on treating patients co-infected with the two diseases, in partnership with the Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences (RMRIMS) in Patna, Bihar.

Access to medicines

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Treating kala azar-HIV co-infection in Bihar, India
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