Health at risk in Haiti as crisis and violence worsen
Health needs are immense in Haiti, with a weak health system that was further weakened after the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew at the end of 2016.

We continue to respond to urgent needs wherever possible, but greater investment is required by the Haitian government and international donors to meet the growing demand.

In Haiti, sexual violence is a neglected medical emergency and the number of cases is greatly underestimated in official statistics.

We provide emergency medical care to victims of sexual and gender-based violence, and are working to improve the availability of services in this field and raise community awareness. We emphasise in particular the need for victims to seek medical care within 72 hours of being attacked.

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MSF Clinic In  Jérémie, Haiti

Our priority is to treat open wounds, fractures and paediatric emergencies

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Hurricane Matthew Devastation in Haiti

Teams reach hurricane-affected areas and find needs for clean water and medical care

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Much work remains to improve access to healthcare

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Centre de Référence en Urgence Obstétricale, Port-au-Prince
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