Samos, Greece
Migrants and refugees from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq continue to arrive in Greece in search of safety or to reach other destinations in Europe, only to find themselves stranded indefinitely.

Since the so-called EU-Turkey deal in March 2016, migrants and refugees previously in transit through the Greek islands have been trapped there for an indeterminate time in overcrowded, unsafe and unhygienic conditions, without access to basic services, adequate shelter or information on their legal status.

We provide medical and mental healthcare to migrants on the Greek islands of Lesbos and Samos as well as in Athens. Our activities include vaccinating migrant children against common childhood diseases, providing sexual and reproductive healthcare, treating chronic diseases and providing care for victims of torture and sexual violence.

Our teams in Lesbos have reported overwhelming numbers of people suffering from serious mental health conditions and we have made repeated calls for vulnerable people to be evacuated and policies of containment to be replaced by sustainable, humane solutions.

MSF teams in Greece are currently responding to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, on Lesbos and Samos, and in Athens.

In 2019
Trapped in Moria
I am overwhelmed by the severity of each referral that arrives in my inbox… Dr Liz Clark, working in Moria, on the Greek island of Lesbos

“It is difficult to believe this is Europe”

Mediterranean migration

"There was no other choice but to leave Syria."

Voices from the Field 18 Sep 2015
Refugee children of Kos
Mediterranean migration

“Refugees sleeping on the streets of Kos tell me, ‘At home we had war, but at least we had dignity’”

Voices from the Field 18 Sep 2015
MSF Activities On The Greek / FYROM Border
Photo Story

Gallery: MSF's activities on the Greek/FYROM border

16 Sep 2015
Photo Story

MSF team providing psychological support and medical care to survivors of shipwreck off Farmakonisi island

Project Update 15 Sep 2015

Closure of Captain Elias camp in Kos leaves refugees even more vulnerable

Project Update 11 Sep 2015
Provide Safe Passage
Mediterranean migration

EU: your fences kill. Provide safe and legal passage

Open Letter 11 Sep 2015

Testimonies from refugees and staff in Lesbos

Voices from the Field 4 Sep 2015
Refugee children of Kos
Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

Refugees in Kos stuck in appalling conditions

Project Update 26 Aug 2015

MSF receives 10 people with wounds from Macedonian stun grenades

Project Update 21 Aug 2015

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