First of five patients testimonies from Ethiopia

"One of my children died because we had nothing to eat at home. Today I am coming to MSF in Tunto to see if my other child can be admitted into the outreach therapeutic programme. My husband is a farmer. He grows maize and ginger. Maize is for the family; ginger is to sell. With the income of ginger sales, we normally can buy some additional maize from the market. But this year the price of ginger is very low and at the same time, the price of maize has risen and has become too expensive. "It has become difficult to buy maize to feed the family. In addition, we had a serious drought here. During several months they were no rains. This is also why the price of maize has so much increased. Most of the time we used to get some maize and potatoes on the market. Today, there is maize on the market but it is just too expensive. We have received some famix from the Kebele authority but now it has stopped."