Sidama mother and child project, Ethiopia


In Ethiopia, where diseases such as kala azar are endemic, we continue to fill healthcare gaps, and respond to emergencies and the needs of the growing refugee population.

By 31 October 2020, Ethiopia was hosting more than 796,400 registered refugees and asylum seekers, according to UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. Most of them are from South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan. In addition, intercommunal violence has led to an internal displacement crisis, which at times has affected more than one million people.

We provide medical and mental healthcare to refugees, internally displaced people and their host communities, communities affected and displaced by natural disasters such as floods and droughts, as well as to Ethiopians deported from Gulf countries and returned from Lebanon.

Our activities in Ethiopia include treating malnourished children and people with neglected diseases such as kala azar, running mobile clinics for communities in remote locations and donating drugs and medical supplies.

In 2019
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