El Salvador

We are running several projects in El Salvador, a country with some of the highest levels of insecurity in the world.

Although not an active conflict zone, violence between gangs and security forces has affected the population’s access to free and safe health services.

Through community work, mental healthcare and mobile clinics, we aim to reach people most in need.

In 2018
El Salvador

Basic needs are primary in damaged communities

Project Update 15 Feb 2001
El Salvador

Three MSF teams now working at second earthquake region

Project Update 14 Feb 2001
El Salvador

Second major earthquake strikes El Salvador

Project Update 13 Feb 2001
El Salvador

MSF continues work at El Salvador earthquake

Project Update 5 Feb 2001
El Salvador

After the earthquake is a psychological disaster

Project Update 24 Jan 2001
El Salvador

MSF activities through El Salvador earthquake region

Project Update 22 Jan 2001
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