Democratic Republic of Congo

Leonard - 'I was born during the war'

Leonard, patient I was born during the war. It is still going on. This means, really, we don't have the right to live. Others study properly, but we have to stay in the forest. Since 3 November 2007, that was the last day, then we left to flee into the forest. We left school and went into the forest to hide from the war. We have nothing. We had to flee. We could only take our lives with us, our souls. There was no possibility to look for tools to take with us. It was a rattle of bombs. I don't know how to express it. We live like apes, like monkeys. We make burrows, our huts. We make these huts with banana leaves. We cover a house and that becomes our home. Before we received aid. But everything was looted. We were really swindled. Today we have nothing. The future, it means dying. It's dying because of the ongoing problems. Because I was born during the problems. Today I'm 18 years old. You see, it's awful.