World Malaria Day 2018 in DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo

We respond to emergencies and assist people fleeing violence and armed conflict. In 2018, we responded to two Ebola outbreaks, in Equateur and North Kivu provinces respectively.

We run some of our largest programmes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), working in 17 of 26 provinces and responding to diseases outbreaks, conflict and displacement, and health problems such as HIV/AIDs.

The population has little access to healthcare, and outbreaks are frequent due to poor surveillance and infrastructure. Violence has led to crises in the Kivus, Tanganyika and Kasai regions and forced millions to flee. Three of our staff, abducted in North Kivu in 2013, are still missing.

Our main areas of activity in DRC

DRC - Tanganyika IDPs may 2017
Democratic Republic of Congo

Malnutrition and disease ravage the settlements around Kalémie

Press Release 26 May 2017
Democratic Republic of Congo

Team dispatched following Ebola confirmation

Project Update 12 May 2017
Measles Vaccination in Maniema, DRC
Democratic Republic of Congo

MSF staff treat measles cases across five provinces

Press Release 28 Apr 2017
Mulungu DRC measles vaccination
Democratic Republic of Congo

Fighting measles in South Kivu

Project Update 8 Feb 2017
DRC: Paediatric care in Manono General Hospital
Democratic Republic of Congo

More than 200 people treated for injuries at Manono hospital, Tanganyika

Voices from the Field 23 Jan 2017
Journal article

The alarming consequences of poor quality medicines

17 Jan 2017
Journal article
Cholera intervention in South Kivu
Democratic Republic of Congo

Violence and its humanitarian impact: the case of Kivu

MSF-Analysis. 16 Jan 2017
NFI distribution in Lulingu, DRC
Democratic Republic of Congo

The pendulum of violence

Project Update 7 Dec 2016
Health promotion in the VVF (Fistula) camp of Shamwana
Democratic Republic of Congo

Vesico vaginal fistula camp living with dignity in solidarity

Project Update 31 Aug 2016
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