Lake Chad: Life amidst a protracted crisis (Chad)
Since 2015, thousands of people in the Lake Chad region have been forced to flee their homes as a result of violent clashes between armed groups and Chadian military forces.

Between 2015 and 2018, we ran mobile clinics in the areas around Baga Sola, Bol, Liwa and Kiskawa to provide basic healthcare and mental health support to displaced people and the local population. Most of the medical conditions we treated were linked to the precarious living conditions and poor sanitation.

We also supported the health centre in Tchoukoutalia and offer mental healthcare to Nigerian refugees in Dar es Salaam camp.

We are still present in the east and south of Chad, and have an emergency response unit (CERU) capable of delivering medical care in under 72 hours.

In 2018
Malnutrition in Chad
I looked after her for seven days at home but after that knew I had to get her to a clinic. Zara Abba visited MSF intensive care unit in Bokoro with her granddaughter.

Patient stories, malnutrition in Bokoro region

Chad - Malaria emergency in Massakory

Malaria peak, a preventable emergency

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Chad - Malaria emergency in Massakory

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Tissi, Darfur refugees crossed the border

Mortality survey raises concerns over humanitarian situation in Darfu

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5 Jul 2013
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Chad - Measles vaccination campaign in Ouaddai and Wadi Fira regions

We had two weeks to vaccinate 100,000 children

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