DRC - not just the Kivus My name is Grant and I want to welcome you to my BLOG! Since you’ve already found this URL, it is probably safe to assume that you are interested in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and I honestly hope that you enjoy reading about my experiences, impressions and activities over the upcoming six months.
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Goma calling by Susan Sandars in DRC
Blog link here The signs of war are everywhere. We pass through several villages that are completely deserted, everyone has fled. The tukuls that they lived in, which are basic at the best of times, are empty, the doors open. I’m not sure whether they’ve been kicked open or left that way by their inhabitants to show that there’s nothing left to loot.

Ebola in DRC by Zoe Young
Blog link here When I got back to Kampungu this afternoon the nurse on duty, Isabel, was dressed up and in the high risk area. A patient had just died. She had only been brought in a few hours before. Isabel had been going to give her some medicine and had found her dead.

Shauna in DRC
 by Shauna Sturgeon
Blog link here It’s hard to contemplate life in an African Village whilst I sit in my hotel room and laugh at Dave Chappelle. But I do have a keen awareness of certain realities and thus enjoyed every moment of my last hot shower and the glorious sound of a flushing toilet.