East Aleppo

Attacks on medical care

Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and more; health facilities have been attacked, looted and destroyed.

Patients have been killed in their beds; health workers have been attacked as they rescued the wounded. A hospital is where the most vulnerable, the sick and injured, gather in times of war. Attacks against medical facilities and health workers, whether deliberate or indiscriminate, are part of generalised violence and atrocities committed against civilians in armed conflict. They deprive populations of health services, often when they need them the most.


Reports of release of Darfur staff cannot be confirmed

Statement 13 Mar 2009

MSF learns that fourth staff member remains abducted in Darfur

Project Update 13 Mar 2009

MSF confirms abduction of three international staff in Serif Umra, Darfur, Sudan

Statement 12 Mar 2009

Ongoing violence in Chad jeopardizes MSF's humanitarian assistance to population

Project Update 2 Oct 2008

MSF evacuates teams after series of assaults on staff in North Darfur

Press Release 1 Aug 2008

MSF teams in Mount Elgon blocked from continuing assistance to civilians affected by conflict

Press Release 21 Jul 2008

MSF patients and medical workers attacked in Kerfi, Chad

Project Update 15 Jul 2008

MSF staff in Dogdoré, eastern Chad, evacuated after security incident

Project Update 23 Jun 2008

MSF closes medical project in Bossaso

Press Release 7 May 2008