Yemen: Medical attention for some of the poorest

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MSF is focusing on the poorest people in some areas, to help them get access to quality medical care. MSF is working with the local authorities to try and ensure that these people are able to benefit from an exemption scheme regarding health care charges. In Aden, the second-largest city in the country, most of the health facilities had been ransacked during the country's 1994 civil war. MSF rehabilitated and equipped three polyclinics in Aden, and is now focusing its efforts on facilities in outlying areas. MSF is also working to improve medical and nursing care, concentrating in particular on maternal and infant care. March 2001 brought the closure of a program in Al Hazm, which had sought to provide primary health care to this particularly poor and isolated region. Despite having revamped the Al Hazm health center and despite three years of program activities, MSF had not achieved satisfactory results in outlying areas. MSF has been present in Yemen since 1987. CAPTION: An MSF worker puts a young Palestinian girl at ease during an initial visit to her family's house in a precarious spot near an Israeli army checkpoint in Gaza. After the first visit, the family was given psychological follow-up and social assistance. International staff: 11 National staff: 36