Yeman 1998

International staff:8 National staff: 24 MSF reaches isolated communities Peace now prevails in Yemen. However, economic reforms initiated in March 1995 continue to make life difficult for the population and the public health sector is accorded an increasingly lower share of the budget. MSF completed a five-year project in Dhi Sufal supporting the authorities in establishing a district health system including cost sharing and health information. MSF continues to participate in district health council meetings, district supervision and the preparation of drug orders, as well as technical advice regarding medical and administrative activities. The team provides furniture and equipment not otherwise available for the most recently completed health centre and organises activities there (job descriptions, national treatment protocols, pharmacy management tools, health information, etc.). A five-year programme began in August 1997 to develop and improve primary health care services for the population of 82,000 in mountainous and remote Hazm Al Udayn district, Ibb governorate. A district health care system is being established on the basis of experience gained in Dhi Sufal district. The Al Hazm health centre is now being turned into the district referral centre. Current activities include supplies of drugs and equipment, organisation, improving the quality of care and implementation of a cost-sharing system. A similar five-year programme is now running in Aden. However, this is set in an urban context, covering 12 health facilities (polyclinics, health centres, health units) and targeting a population of 370,000. Current work includes renovations, equipment, organisation, drugs supplies, evaluations and training.