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Activities  2015 International Activity Report

MSF started working in Algeria again in 2015, after an absence of 13 years.

MSF opened a new programme this year to increase the availability of HIV care for vulnerable groups of people, such as migrants, intravenous drug users and sex workers. MSF is working closely with two Algerian organisations in a number of centres run by the Ministry of Health and other partners, including one in Annaba. The aims of the project are to raise awareness of HIV prevention strategies; offer testing services in the community; create strong links with HIV reference centres in order to provide them with technical support to standardise treatment, monitoring and protocols; and to donate laboratory equipment. The team will also support the decentralisation of care.

Year MSF first worked in the country: 1998.


2015 Key figures
No. staff in 2015 1
2015 Expenditure €0.8 million

Figures from 2015 International Activity Report
and 2015 International Financial Report


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