Vacancy: Project leader, mentoring pilot

One of MSF-OCB’s (Operational Centre of Brussels) challenges of today is to find, select and develop future Field Coordinators in line with operational needs. As a part of its HR Development policy, MSF-OCB, aims to offer mentoring for persons identified for future coordinator positions. The essential principle of the mentoring is to offer the person individual guidance to provide greater career succession in the organization.

 Context and Objectives of the position
•  By initiating a mentoring pilot, OCB will be able to explore the actual benefit of mentoring, and to find out more about what setup is best suited to its needs.

•  The Mentoring pilot will target first time Field Coordinators identified by the pool managers and recruiters of the Partner Sections. The candidate for mentoring will be validated by the PM coordinator.

•  Through the pilot produce findings which should be documented in a way that could benefit all sections interested in exploring mentoring.

 Project leader’s main responsibilities
•  Initiate, implement and follow-up “Mentoring Pilot” in accordance with “Project Description”, “Chronogram” and set budgets.

•  Coordinate communication between Pool Managers, Mentors and Mentees.

•  Based on the OCB Mentoring  Management Support Guideline, be Mentor for a group of mentees.
•  Implement methodology and mentoring tools,
•  Monitor the mentoring process incl. field visits.
•  In charge of the mentoring cycle:
       - Mentoring needs assessment,
       - Design development plan,
       - Mentoring implementation and
       - Mentoring follow up.
•  Document and capitalize mentor experiences.
•  Evaluation report with findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Conditions of contract
•  Nine months contract running from Oct 2011.
•  In accordance with MSF salary level.
•  Mentor training will be provided

Location of position will ideally be in MSF Norway Office in Oslo.
The position will be hosted by the HR department, with frequent travels to the field and will participate to MSF Norway Office internal executive and associative dynamic.

Profile Required

Professional Background and skills
•  MSF operational experience of 2 years minimum including field-coordination position is required. Experience in other coordination positions is a real asset.
•  Excellent communication skills in English, French an asset.
•  Pedagogical skills
•  Organization skills
•  Analytical skills

Soft skills
•  Ability to listen and analyze information
•  Capacity to question without value judgment
•  Open-minded
•  Positive attitude towards people
•  Empathy and patience

Academic background
•  University degree or equivalent
•  Any training related to skill transfer
•  Coach training an advantage

Hierarchical flow:
•  Direct line Manager: HR Director, MSF Norway

Functionally responsible:
•  Coordo Pool Manager in Brussels

•  The position has no operational role and will not be in direct contact with operations.

Confidentiality in the Mentor and Mentee relation is vital and will be secured through a signed “Contract of confidentiality”

Please send your CV and Letter of Motivation to: before August 7, 2011.