Past vacancy: International Finance Coordinator (IFC)

MSF International
Job Description



Function:          International Finance Coordinator

Reports to:       International Secretary General

Location:          Based in Geneva

Type:                Full Time



The International Financial Coordinator is a member of MSF International. MSF International is an association by Swiss law based in Geneva. It is the only legal entity, which binds all MSF sections together, as the 19 sections agree to its statutes, are members, and pay its costs. MSF International provides resources in terms of information and co-ordination to the benefit of its members, Finance being one of them.

MSF International includes approximately 60 staff, mainly located in Geneva, but some are based in other MSF sections.   The international finance team consists of three positions: the International Financial Coordinator (IFC), the International Finance Senior Officer (IFSO) and the International Finance Officer (IFO).

The International Finance Coordinator position seeks to ensure coherence, transparency and accountability for MSF international finance by facilitating and maximising the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information within the MSF financial networks, in support of our overall operational goal within a defined consistent and complementary international financial framework. The position also has a role in managing tools and resources for internal international finance reporting in the movement.



The International Finance Coordinator works under the supervision of the General Secretary of the International Office and in close partnership with the others coordinators of the international office, the International President, the International Treasurer, and the Financial Directors.

The International Financial Coordinator’s activities include:

1.   Ensure and promote financial transparency and accountability

MSF is a large, multi-national movement made up of many separate organisations, with more than 33 separate legal entities producing their own local statutory accounts.  

The International Finance Coordinator will be responsible to gather, compile and share financial information as required/relevant, to facilitate and enhance decision-making and ensure mutual transparency and accountability.

As such, the International Finance Coordinator will ensure, in close collaboration with the International Treasurer and the Finance Directors, that international combined financial statements and reporting are produced in compliance within an international financial accountability framework.

The International Finance Coordinator, with his/her team, is responsible for the annual combination process of the MSF movement, including the International Combined Accounts, audit and Financial Report, and will put all means to:

  • Ensure an effective system of accounting with complete and accurate accounting records, in respect of the deadlines (ACC),
  • Ensure compliance with the international agreed financial rules (AUD),
  • Ensure MSF GAAP maintenance and updates as regards to IFRS legislation and rules (AUD),
  • Ensure that appropriate response is made to the international auditors and oversee required action to address any deficiencies,
  • Alert the International Treasurer regarding any lack of compliance, weaknesses or problems, whether or actual or potential, concerning the financial reporting, accounting, audit or any matter of a financial nature which could have financial implication,
  • Propose continuous improvements on coherent and/or harmonized policies that will be of benefit to the combination process,
  • Ensure that regular updates and improvements to the combination tools are proposed according to future needs.

The International Finance Coordinator will put in place all means to ensure that any additional international combined financial reporting is produced in collaboration with all entities of the movement, such as an International Combined Budget/Forecast and multi-year combined financial projections.


2.   Participate in proposing effective strategic financial planning

The International Finance Coordinator, with all Finance Directors, will ensure the monitoring of income and expenditure across the movement in order to facilitate and support any proposed financial architecture to ensure that approved financial resource sharing plans are implemented in a transparent and fair way for all sections. 

The International Finance Coordinator, with the FinDir platform, will ensure the follow up of existing International Agreements and will pro-actively submit proposed International Mechanisms to achieve/formulate International Executive or Associative platforms requests.

The International Finance Coordinator, with the Finance Directors, will assess the needs for long-term international finance coordination and will actively clarify the financial priorities.

As such, the International Finance Coordinator will organize and coordinate the International Financial Directors’ meetings & working group (s) and will:

  • Identify with the Finance Director (FinDir) Platform the issues of concern to be brought to the attention of international platform(s),
  • Follow-up and/or implementation of recommendations and decisions of the FinDir Platform (e.g.: collection and analysis of relevant information for further discussion or decision-making),
  • Liaison between the FinDir Platform and the Executive Director (ExDir) Platform, the International Treasurer, and other international platforms as necessary,
  • Provide the necessary coordination and support to the International Working Groups,
  • Facilitate information sharing on key topics identified by sections.

The International Finance Coordinator will manage and take the lead on specific dossiers and projects agreed upon by the FinDir Platform.

The International Finance Coordinator will be responsible for providing regular and transparent communication to all Financial Directors on financial matters and/or international projects that have financial implications and define the appropriate communication channel.


3.   Provide financial support/advice at international level

The International Office is comprised of the International President, International Treasurer and the General Secretary, plus several international platforms that cover the various direct and transversal activities, represented by international coordinators: operations, HR, logistics, fundraising, communication, etc.  Additionally, various working groups exist such as the Growth Working Group.

Finance is seen as a support function within MSF, and the International Finance Coordinator is often approached for financial advice and expertise by the International Office and international platforms.  As such, the International Finance Coordinator will be requested to provide support and technical knowledge as required/relevant with the FinDir platform and to refer to the FinDir Platform on any international project that has financial impact/implications.

The International Finance Coordinator will provide advice on appropriate strategy and framework for follow-up, in close collaboration with the FinDir Platform and other concerned platforms through their coordinators, and will ensure the link and communication on financial matters with all stakeholders.

The International Finance Coordinator will ensure a particular coordination with fundraisers through the International Fundraising Coordinator (IFRC) and with HR Directors through the International HR Coordinator (IHRC).


4. Emergency Fundraising Mechanism & Monitoring System

Together with the International General Secretary, the International Finance Coordinator will manage the Emergency Fundraising Mechanism (EFM) and ensure with the International Fundraising Coordinator the coordination of fundraising initiatives in major emergencies; this function takes precedence over other activities when required. In liaison with the International General Secretary, the International Finance Coordinator will ensure:

  • Collection of all relevant data pertaining to a given emergency (trends of incoming funds, operational capacity & planned operational deployment of Operational Centres (OCs), sections’ pledges).
  • Assessment of the funding situation (risk of over funding, fundraising potential)
  • Setting-up of funding allocation table according to OCs pledged needs and adjustments as the emergency develops.
  • Follow-up of the process on an ongoing basis until consumption of all related funds.  Ensure that a final international report is prepared with an overview of expenditures and use.
  • Contribution to the improvement and adaptation of the EFM as a tool.
  • Communication with and co-ordination of the relevant actors.


5.      Management and Responsibilities:

  • The International Finance Coordinator will supervise the International Finance Senior Officer,
  • The International Finance Coordinator will attend and contribute to the IO Management Team meetings,
  • The International Finance Coordinator will ensure that active role and participation are maintained within his team towards MSF movement topical debates and discussions,
  • The International Finance Coordinator will pro actively propose Field Support through direct field visits as per needed by the Operational Centers especially during big emergencies.


6.   Additional activities:

The International Finance Coordinator will:

  • Build MSF relations with external actors and counterparts on financial aspects,
  • Provide support, as required, to all MSF entities on any finance-related issues,
  • Other as needed.



  • Solid financial training and experience in financial management in an international environment (e.g. qualified accountant or similar), preferably with international consolidation experience,
  • MSF experience with in-depth knowledge of MSF functioning and financial structure,
  • Strong inter-personal skills and ability to interact with a broad range of actors in a diplomatic and efficient manner,
  • Strong organisational skills, able to work with deadlines,
  • Ability to set priorities and self-directed,
  • Flexible when needed, team player,
  • Self-motivated & enthusiastic,
  • Supervisory skills / experience,
  • Fluent in English; French and other languages an asset,
  • Computer literate: excellent command of Excel a must, willingness to learn & master new tools (SAP Financial Consolidation) essential,
  • Regular travel necessary (mainly within Europe).



Deadline for Application:  October 7th 2011

Interested candidates should send a Letter of Motivation, and Curriculum Vitae, by e-mail to or by mail Rue de Lausanne, CP 116, 1211 Geneva 21, Switzerland.

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.