International Compensation and Benefits Coordinator

Title: International Compensation and Benefits Coordinator              

Location: Geneva, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona

Duration: Permanent Full-time position                   

Reporting to: International Human Resources Coordinator



Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation dedicated to providing expert medical relief to vulnerable populations at times of conflict or disaster. In over 80 countries worldwide, MSF provides both life-saving emergency relief and longer-term assistance to make basic healthcare services available to the most vulnerable or excluded communities.

MSF’s aim is to provide impartial assistance, on the basis of need alone, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, creed or political affiliation. To maintain its independence from political interference, MSF relies on donations from individuals around the world for at least 50 percent of its income. This private funding gives MSF the freedom to respond to the greatest needs as fast as possible.

MSF International is the legal entity that binds MSF’s 19 sections, 24 associations and other offices together. Based in Geneva, MSF International provides coordination, information and support to the MSF movement, and implements international projects and initiatives as requested.




MSF recruits international field staff from 130 countries worldwide, working for five Operational Centres (OC) in 70 mission countries. Whilst international field staff are contracted in 18 different Contracting Sections (depending on their country of domicile) all are remunerated based on an internationally agreed compensation & benefits policy and framework called the International Remuneration Project (IRP). In 2014 MSF launched a completely revised compensation and benefits policy known as the International Remuneration Project II (IRP II). The project included a new pay system, harmonised home and field benefits and specific packages targeted to build and retain talent most critically needed in the organisation.

After the implementation in mid-2014 and the subsequent implementation of additional measures in mid-2015, MSF is now entering into the maintenance and monitoring phase of the international compensation and benefits policy.

MSF initially created a short term position focusing on the Compensation and Benefits framework for its international staff. Now this position has evolved and the national staff will be integrated into the scope of the project. In a longer term perspective, the coordination of the classification of functions and the upkeep of the International Reference Field Function Grid (IRFFG) will be integrated as well.



This position is administratively managed by the International Office (IO) and reports hierarchically to the International HR Coordinator (IHRC). It coordinates the work of the Field Technical platform, the International Administration Management platform and the Compensation and Benefits working group.

The International Compensation and Benefit Coordinator will supervise a Project Manager.



  • Ensure that Compensation & Benefits policies and tools are aligned, in their definition and implementation with the MSF’s international HR vision (responsible employer…) and contribute to reach the strategic objectives of attraction, retention and development of MSF staff.
  • Identify common challenges and opportunities, ensuring a permanent dialogue amongst MSF sections and entities and strengthen cooperation and transparency across the movement.
  • Anticipate the environmental changes and evaluates continuously the Compensation & Benefits policies in order to adapt them on a timely manner.



  1. General coordination and communication with HR platforms and across the movement
  1. Support, with the International HR Coordinator, the HR director platform (IDRH) and other relevant platforms in taking informed decisions on compensation, benefits and function classification.
  2. Orchestrate validation process with International HR Coordinator and support further validation as needed.
  3. Chair, prepare, coordinate and disseminate the work and meeting outcomes of the Field Technical, the International Administration Management platforms and the Compensation and Benefits working group.
  4. Support the IDRH and relevant platforms, or acts directly by delegation, for the communication on Compensation and Benefits across the movement.


  1. Coordinate the design and maintenance of the compensation and benefits policies for all MSF field staff:
  1. National Staff Intersectional Remuneration and Benefit Policy (“Common Frame”)
    1. Support the Field Technical Platform in improving and maintaining policies, guidelines, relevant methodologies and tools.
    2. Support the Field HR platform in the implementation and evaluation of the “Common Frame”.
    3. Ensure changes are tracked appropriately (logbook).
  1. International Remuneration System (for international staff)
    1. Coordinate international HR policy development and design
      1. Identify and propose opportunities, issues, and areas where international policy may be needed, based on issues logbook and recommendations from relevant actors.
      2. If relevant, develop policy proposals for discussions at platforms based on analysis of section’s needs and positions.
      3. Support the development and implementation of secondary benefits or measures (e.g. Pension plan, centralisation of contracts…)
    2. Coordinate the International Remuneration System Annual Maintenance
      1. Identify and select providers with the relevant working group and IDRH (if needed) for annual implementation of the international staff salary grids and field per diems.
      2. Coordinate data contribution to surveys as needed for salary grids and field per diems.
      3. Carry annual maintenance of international salary grids and field per diem.
      4. Manage monitoring system for international salary grids and field per diem.
      5. General guidelines and maintenance for international HR system.


  1. Classification of Functions and the International Reference Field Function Grid (These activities will be integrated into the scope of the position progressively and in a longer term perspective)
  1. Overlook the IRFFG implementation
    1. Guard the adherence to international agreements.
    2. Guard the coherence and internal logic of the IRFFG.
    3. Ensure coherence amongst sections and arbitrate in case of disagreement.
    4. Support OCs with the implementation process.
    5. Support the Field HR platform in the evaluation of the IRFFG implementation.
  1. Coordinate the IRFFG general maintenance
    1. Update IRFFG guidelines and tools.
    2. Create, with the Field technical platform, Reference JPs and oversee their standardization.
    3. Score new functions and allocates function codes.
    4. Liaise with external partners (HAY, web developer, translators).
    5. Maintain a central database of all function through the IRFFG website.
  1. Provide advice, capacity building and support the end users
    1. Advise the end users working with the IRFFG.
    2. Provide content training modules and facilitates training if needed.


  1. Coordinate the International Administration Management platform
  1. Develop/Suggest solutions for issues raised by the Administration Management Platform.
  2. Review, update and coordinate the update of cross administration procedures and follow-up implementation.
  3. Maintain guidelines and tools, revising them regularly as needed to ensure overall coherence and consistency.



  • Knowledge of remuneration and benefits systems,  their development, implementation  and maintenance in at least one (or preferably more) country(ies)
  • Experience in job definition and classification methodology
  • Prior supervisory and project management experience
  • Excellent organisational skills with demonstrated ability to deliver projects on time
  • Able to interact effectively at all levels in a complex organization through excellent communication, negotiation and conflict management skills
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, facilitation and presentation skills
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve results in an international and multi-cultural environment
  • Ability to travel internationally
  • Fluent English; French is an advantage
  • Good computer skills, including Word,  Excel


  • Knowledge of and/or previous experience with MSF or another international non-profit organisation in an HR related field.


Starting date: 19 February 2016 or as soon as possible     

Contract: Long term contract, 100%

Location: Brussels, Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona                          

Deadline for applications: 18 January 2016                                      


Please submit all applications only by email stating “Compensation and Benefit Coordinator” in the title.

Please submit your CV and cover letter in ONE file and name the file with your LAST NAME only.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted