Executive Coordinator

Executive Coordinator to the Secretary General, the International President and the International Medical Secretary



Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural disasters. MSF offers assistance to people based only on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

MSF International is the legal entity that binds MSF’s 19 sections, 23 associations and other offices together. Based in Geneva, MSF International provides coordination, information and support to the MSF Movement, as well as implements international projects and initiatives as requested. MSF International also provides administrative support to the MSF Access Campaign.


The position of Executive Coordinator has been created to support the Secretary General, the International President and the International Medical Secretary to ensure that these top level positions of MSF International have the required means to fulfil their respective mandates and roles. From a role of an assistant position a few years ago, the Executive Coordinator position has evolved to become a senior and strategic position for all the key work related to the organisation, the coordination and the preparation of the Secretary General, the International President and the International Medical Secretary’s interventions, work, meetings and schedules internally in the MSF movement and externally towards partners and other humanitarian actors. The Executive Coordinator is also responsible of supporting and contributing to the information flows between the top platforms (IB, ExCom, MedOp) and ensuring a continuous and pro active support to the internal governance documentation and understanding.


The Executive Coordinator:

  • Reports hierarchically to the Secretary General;
  • Reports functionally to the Secretary General, the International President and the International Medical Secretary;
  • Interacts extensively with the members of the International Board and the ExCom, and to a lesser extent with the members of the MedOp (Medical Directors and Directors of Operations);
  • Interacts with all the international coordinators of the International Office;
  • Is the focal point for the IO staff to the Secretary General and/or the International President and/or the International Medical Secretary.


The Executive Coordinator is responsible for providing comprehensive support to the International President (IP), the Secretary General (SG) and the International Medical Secretary (IMS) in the promotion and execution of the mission of the MSF International as determined by the wider MSF movement. This position aims at strengthening the strategic management of the International Office.


1. Strategic Coordination Support for the top international platforms (IB, ExCom & MedOp) and the IO management team.

The Executive Coordinator serves as the Secretary General’s, the International President’s and the International Medical Secretary’s primary liaison with the IB, the ExCom, the MedOp and the IO management team. As such the Executive Coordinator:

  • Manages the communication to the SG, IP and IMS contacts, as per delegated, internally and externally concerning meeting schedules, agendas and follow-ups,
  • Assists the SG, IP and IMS with preparation and communication of agendas for the international platform meetings (IB, ExCom, MedOp, IO management team),
  • Coordinates the preparation of supporting documents related to the meetings and collects from IO team, international project coordinators and any organization asset relevant information to prepare the international / executive updates for all meetings,
  • Assesses information submitted to SG, IP and IMS, briefs them, and makes other recommendations as needed,
  • Tracks and follows up individually, those action items, deliverables and other commitments identified at meetings to ensure assigned tasks are completed according to meeting agreements,
  • Organizes, supports and ensures the SG, IP and IMS are well prepared during presentations, meetings, conferences, events and represents them when required,
  • Ensures that feedback is given to the IO team or international project coordinators on outcomes of the discussions that are relevant for them or their projects and that information filters back to the relevant international platform (directly or indirectly through IP/SG/IMS or coordinators),
  • Ensures minutes writing for few selected key meetings.

2. Strategic Support on Internal Governance

The Executive Coordinator plays a key role in supporting the SG, the IP and the IMS in the Internal Governance follow up and:

  • Acts as the SG, IP and the IMS special project coordinator and follow up on specific executive dossiers as assigned by the SG, IP and the IMS,
  • Performs directed research as per requested, prepares and presents findings in the form of briefing papers, reports and presentations,
  • Is the referent to the key documents, decisions and updates on any matter related to the statutes, the executive governance and the internal rules,
  • Provides representation, analysis and development of strategic program initiatives in consultation with the SG, IP and IMS regarding management of issues identified in the organization.

3. Informational & communication linkage

The Executive Coordinator to the SG, IP and IMS plays a proactive role in providing reciprocal informational linkage between the SG, IP and IMS towards the IO staff, the international coordinators, the Presidents, the General Directors and any other stakeholders and is the focal point to:

  • Respond to requests for information coming from inside and outside MSF on international organizational & structural questions (e.g.: Request of participation in to debates, for a etc., addressed to the SG, IP and IMS),
  • Relay any relevant information and communication from the SG, the IP and the IMS to the IO staff as per requested by the SG, IP and IMS;
  • Act as the SG, IP and IMS representative for communicating pro actively international decisions or any relevant information in support of the internal strategic understanding.

4. Supervises the Executive Assistant

The Executive Coordinator supervises the Executive Assistant and ensures that he/she will provide the required administrative and logistical support and will:

  • Delegate to the Executive Assistant the logistical preparation of the international meetings and make sure that the Executive Assistant coordinates with other Assistants;
  • Delegate to the Executive Assistant the meeting minutes (except for few selected meetings) and ensure they are accurately written and kept for all relevant meeting platforms;
  • Create and implement plan with the Executive Assistant for organizing the information management for the SG, IP and IMS;
  • Coordinate with the Executive Assistant the organization, validation, and dispersal of information to the members of the relevant platforms, the International Office team and the MSF Network via Tukul.

The Executive Coordinator is available to provide any other support as per requested by the Secretary General, the International President and the International Medical Secretary and remains flexible and adaptable regarding any change in priorities notified by the SG, the IP or the IMS.


Qualifications and work experience

  • Graduate with relevant degree. Masters highly preferred.
  • Experience working in the humanitarian sector
  • Field experience with MSF or other NGO is a significant asset

Specific requirements

  • Genuine interest in, understanding of, and commitment to; the humanitarian principles, social mission, operations, and challenges of MSF.
  • Knowledge of, and interest in governance issues in an NGO context
  • Oral and written fluency in both English and French. Other languages and editing skills will be useful.
  • Able to synthesize complex, sensitive written and oral information; then to analyze and report it in a concise, accurate and cogent form.
  • Outstanding organisational skills
  • Strong team player with the ability and interpersonal skills to interact and communicate at all levels of MSF and to undertake all levels of tasks (the role’s scope ranges from meeting administration & minute taking, to input into strategic decision making)
  • Ability to process sensitive information with discretion and respecting confidentiality.
  • Computer literate, with ability to navigate the internet, and to use word processing, powerpoint, spreadsheet, database and other software for multiple tasks.
  • Able to work within short deadlines; while maintaining correct priorities, adequate detail, organization, flexibility, tact and perseverance.
  • Ability to cope under pressure and flexible to handle changing priorities
  • Self-driven, enthusiastic, dedicated, and autonomous
  • Able to work in a multi-cultural environment; possessing maturity, patience and understanding.
  • European travel required; some international and field travel also may be necessary.
  • Flexible to travel and work outside normal business hours and on weekends

Starting date: 18 November 2013
Contract: 100% - Permanent with a minimum commitment of 3 years
Location: Geneva

Deadline for application: 7 October 2013

Please submit all applications only by email to: IO-recruitment.gva@msf.org stating “Executive Coordinator” in the title.

Please submit only one file containing your CV and cover letter and name the file with your last name only

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted