Compensation & Benefits Project Manager – 6 months temporary contract

Title: Compensation & Benefits Project Manager    

Location: Geneva, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Amsterdam

Duration: Full-time 6 months contract

Reporting to: International Compensation & Benefits Coordinator



Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation dedicated to providing expert medical relief to vulnerable populations at times of conflict or disaster. In over 80 countries worldwide, MSF provides both life-saving emergency relief and longer-term assistance to make basic healthcare services available to the most vulnerable or excluded communities.

MSF’s aim is to provide impartial assistance, on the basis of need alone, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, creed or political affiliation. To maintain its independence from political interference, MSF relies on donations from individuals around the world for at least 50 percent of its income. This private funding gives MSF the freedom to respond to the greatest needs as fast as possible.

MSF International is the legal entity that binds MSF’s 19 sections, 24 associations and other offices together. Based in Geneva, MSF International provides coordination, information and support to the MSF movement, and implements international projects and initiatives as requested.



MSF recruits international field staff (expatriates) from 130 countries worldwide, working for five Operational Centres (OC) in 70 mission countries. Whilst international field staff is contracted in 18 different Contracting Sections (depending on their country of domicile) all are remunerated based on an internationally agreed compensation & benefits policy and framework called the International Remuneration Project (IRP). In 2014 MSF launched a completely revised compensation and benefits policy known as the International Remuneration Project II (IRP II). The project included a new pay system, harmonised home and field benefits and specific packages targeted to build and retain talents most critically needed in the organisation.

Part of the IRP I and the IRP II included retirement benefits to be set up according to the legal requirements and customary practices in the country. Under IRP I, the retirement benefits were provided to international staff from countries where there are MSF sections. However, international staff from all other countries (now called NCRs; Non Contracting section Residents) were excluded from the scope of IRP I and contracted directly with their OC. NCRs received benefits packages linked to their OC contracts and  received cash in lieu of social contributions.

In an attempt to harmonise our international staff benefits and provide a meaningful retirement benefit to NCRs, the International Directors of HR (IDRH) prioritised the development of an NCR pension fund to be implemented in 2016.

This position covers a project already started by members of the existing international compensation & benefits team which now requires a full-time focus.



This position is administratively managed by the International Office (IO) and reports hierarchically to the International Compensation and Benefits Coordinator.



NCR benefits package

  • Carry out an internal consultation on NCR benefits as per IDRH and working group recommendations.
  • Finalise and implement International retirement pension plan
    • Carry out an analysis of existing retirement benefits across MSF contracting sections;
    • Identify the most appropriate format for the implementation of international retirement benefits;
    • Based on the identified most appropriate format, finalise the selection of a consultant for the technical support part of the project;
    • Compare, analyse and select provider through a comparative analysis of the offers and costs with support of external consultant;
    • Finalise pension plan parameters with the Compensation & Benefits working group, consultant and others as needed;
    • Collect and analyse administrative and legal constraints for all participating sections;
    • Liaise with the International Finance Coordinator to review the financial cost of pension plan parameters, comparing with initial budget;
    • Ensure implementation on the agreed roll out date.
  • Develop proposals/alternatives in case of absence of social coverage
  • Integrate proposals in the project;
  • Implement selected solutions with sections concerned.
  • Develop solutions for on-going issues raised by the Administrative Management Platform, the Compensation and Benefits working group, and relevant sections implementing the NCR pension plan;
  • Write system maintenance guidelines for the NCR pension plan, liaising with International Finance Coordinator regarding financial issues;
  • Anticipate the environmental changes and create annual maintenance guidelines for the future of the fund.
  • Maintenance


Contracting set up

  • Carry out a detailed review of current NCR contracting set up in OCs.
  • Analyse existing issues in NCR contracting, incl. but not limited to:
    • OCBA (OC Barcelona) NCR contracting
    • European NCR contracting
  • Identify potential solutions, including but not limited to centralized contracting options.
  • Investigate internal and external contracting solutions for NCRs.




  • Genuine interest in and commitment to the humanitarian principles and challenges of MSF
  • Minimum 4 years of work experience
  • Knowledge of and working experience with private retirement solutions
  • Experience in leading a project team
  • Experience in managing implementation of solutions, preferably in an international environment
  • Working experience in an HR related field, in particular in HR administration and benefits management
  • Ability to handle high workload under pressure and within  deadlines
  • Excellent time management and organisational skills; and attention to details
  • Complete fluency in written and oral English


  • Knowledge of and/or previous experience with MSF or another international non-profit organisation
  • Good written and oral French


Starting date: 1 February 2016 or as soon as possible

Contract: 6 months contract (renewable if needed) at 100%

Location: Paris, Geneva, Brussels, Barcelona, Amsterdam


Deadline for applications: 18 January 2016


Please submit all applications only by email to: stating “Compensation and Benefit Project Manager” in the title.

Please submit your CV and cover letter in ONE file and name the file with your LAST NAME.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted