Romania: Caring for Bucharest's homeless

© Chien-Chi Chang
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After 355 homeless adults were reported to have died in Bucharest in 1997, MSF began a project to improve the lives of those living on the streets. Through direct medical and psychosocial care and information activities, the MSF team brought essential services to thousands of homeless people.

MSF staff members used mobile teams, night clinics and outreach campaigns to reach the homeless and carried out nearly 500 consultations per month. In addition, a referral network was created with local hospitals.

Extensive advocacy work targeted at authorities eventually contributed to important legislative changes including a new social security act which greatly improved the homeless's ability to obtain medical and social services.

In December 2003, a new Romanian association was launched to carry on the work MSF had begun.

MSF worked in Romania from 1997 until the end of 2003.

(until December 2003)