Papua New Guinea: Doctor and midwife support hospital's renewal

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Shortly after, MSF arrived in the southern town of Buin, to help turn the local hospital into a referral center for the area's estimated 80,000 people. Medical care in rural areas Two MSF volunteers (a physician and a midwife) provide medical services at the hospital, which has very few qualified health staff. The team trains nurses. The volunteers also work together with the hospital administration to develop the financial and human resources the hospital needs to be able to provide quality health care. MSF also supplies some medicines. Even though the hospital has not yet regained the level of operations it had before the war, MSF has helped increase people's confidence in a health system shattered by the conflict. Because the hospital is less and less dependent on outside assistance, MSF plans to leave Buin at the end of 2001, when a doctor from Bougainville is expected be appointed to the hospital. MSF began work in Papua New Guinea in 1998. International staff: 3 National staff: 10