Luxembourg: Reaching drug users

MSF staff provide psychological and social care, information about drug use and addiction, and individual and family therapy. During 2004, MSF held more than 1,220 consultations, assisting 267 adolescents. The project network now includes 40 schools as well as several educational centers and outreach programs. MSF emphasizes collaboration with the juvenile justice system, offering an alternative to more traditional responses.

Immigrants' health needs

MSF participates in a working group of nongovernmental organizations and government authorities that aim to monitor closely the medical and psychological situation of immigrants and asylum seekers entering the country. MSF has called attention to the difficulties these vulnerable individuals face when attempting to use the country's health care system.

MSF developed guidelines describing the needs of this group with regard to access to the health system. The guidelines have been incorporated in a statement on their rights distributed to newly arrived migrants. The working group is also investigating questions such as the procedures and practices surrounding the expulsion of sick migrants.

MSF has worked in Luxembourg since 1996.