Zambia: Influx of Congolese refugees

  • National staff : 40
  • International staff : 8 MSF works in the Kaputa and Mwange refugee camps where teams provide medical care and water and sanitation assistance. In both camps, MSF runs health clinics where refugees can come for consultations. The most common diseases are diarrhoea, malaria, respiratory infections, skin infections and intestinal parasites. Those in need of hospitalisation are referred to the Kaputa Health Centre. MSF also set up a cholera isolation ward in Kaputa in the early days of the refugee crisis in order to ward off an epidemic. In Kaputa camp, MSF also vaccinated 4.400 children against measles. The Mwange camp was set up to take in the overflow of refugees from Kaputa. MSF was involved from the start in the site planning and site development. An MSF team was present in Zambia at the time of the refugee influx where they had been helping authorities cope with a cholera epidemic since February 1999. MSF donated medicine and water and sanitation materials and trained health care staff in their use.