Zambia: Assisting war refugees

Angolans predominate in Maheba refugee camp near Solwezi, established in 1971. Together with local actors, MSF has been supporting health clinics and nutrition programs at Maheba since 2000, concentrating on those who have arrived since 1998. In January 2002, MSF began providing tuberculosis treatment; by early summer, 20 patients were being treated. MSF also fights malaria in Maheba, and is documenting the efficacy and compliance rate for artemisinin-based combination therapy. In April 2002, the "Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria" announced it would grant money to Zambia to use artemisins (for more on efforts to improve malaria treatment see page 10). Following the stabilization of the public health situation there in early 2002, MSF handed over activities in a refugee camp in Kala, northern Zambia, home to 25,000 refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo. In the west, MSF also handed over work in Nangweshi camp, home to 10,000 Angolan refugees, and now assists them at their point of entry into Zambia. Integrated HIV/AIDS care continues in the northern district of Nchelenge, including voluntary testing and counseling, home-based care, advocacy and education. These activities are being expanded to reach refugees. MSF has been in Zambia since 1999. International staff: 16 National staff: 183