Yemen: MSF reaches isolated communities

National staff : 20 International staff : 11 In the district of Al Hazm, 73,000 people have access to limited health care. The team participated in the relaunch of activities in the medical referral centre, medical supply and the setting up of a cost recovery system. The district's inhabitants can come to the referral centre for medical consultations, nursing care, vaccinations and mother and child health care assistance. Support is also given to setting up health centres in surrounding villages. Although MSF no longer has a team in nearby Dhi Sufal where it provided support to health structures until 1997, the Al Hazm team continues to monitor the development of this project. In Aden, MSF works in 12 health care structures including polyclinics, health centres and other clinics. The project aims at improving nursing techniques and overall medical care through training programmes. MSF supplies medicine to the different structures and is rehabilitating buildings. The team is also in the throes of introducing a cost recovery system.