World Water Day, March 22, 2000

During the World Water Forum (March 17 to 22) MSF presented some of our experiences and shared ideas with counterparts and interested parties. With our actions and our presence MSF supports the ideals that contribute to World Water Day. Integral to MSF interventions are the provision of water and sanitation (watsan) facilities and the creation of a hygienic environment in emergencies, health projects and also longer term water and sanitation projects. These actions include responses to cholera epidemics, vector control for malaria, developing water quality technology and specialized sanitation in health structures for the disposal of medical waste. Over the last 12 months requests for assistance have taken MSF Watsan specialists to Nicaragua for Hurricane Mitch as well as the displaced persons affected by the unrest in Kosovo and East Timor, the earthquake victims in Turkey and, most recently, the people affected by the floods in Mozambique. Access to clean water and adequate sanitation is fundamental to developing a healthy living situation, no matter how temporary, that will prevent the development of disease or general illness.