The 'wheelbarrow' ambulance braved the worst in Liberia's conflict

Mark was bringing the injured to the MSF facility. When he ran back into the city, he was often carrying medical supplies, such as bandages, to other health facilities in the area. He tells us about his experience. 

"During the war, I was the only one who was from the very beginning which is on Saturday by hour of one o clock, and I was the only one who worked along with MSF and there were no doctors, (I was) the only person. So I decided to help the people in the community because there were no tablets, no drugs or anything was in there.

"So I decided to haul the wounded people from the beginning of this war from Saturday, the morning, and I took the wounded people and I sent them to (MSF) clinic. There was 72 persons were sent to the MSF clinic and I decided to do that because there was no-one at that time to help - again there was nobody, there was no vehicles. I transferred people in the 'push-push' and I pushed some in the wheelbarrow and I transferred them to (MSF).

"And from Monday to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday to Friday, I transferred [...] 30 persons per day from West Point. 30 persons who were wounded by the bullet wounds. Some were wounded by the Government or the rebels which was in West Point.

"And I decided to transfer them to (MSF) and I went as far as Seti borough in Clara Town which was of course a little mistake of coming to die on that day as [...] I went there to do my own thing and I almost died from that. And I transferred - there was a fellow I transferred from Seti there was an injured man, was wounded, his foot was broken, they hand over to my brother and I transferred him to (MSF).

"And I went so far, I went so far as in Clara Town and I collected 30, the amount of people from Clara Town and I transferred them to West Point ..... which was for cholera and diarrhoea related because there was no treatment for them. However the boys (were) shooting, I say Almighty God, thank you and I transferred then there under the power of God. And nothing happened to me up to this time and so I thank You."