Transcript of Jan Peter Stellema interview on BBC Radio 5 live

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I'm in Lamnian which is about 25 kilometres east of Muzaffrabad, high up in the mountains, not far away from the line of control.

I was here at the time of the earthquake, because we have a safe motherhood programme here. Now we have dramatically shifted the focus of our activities and are providing medical aid to the victims of the earthquake.

It was one of the most horrific experiences I've had in my life – just an incredible moment – the whole house falling apart. I was in it with my team and we managed to get out – it took us 3 hours to free our midwife who was buried under the rubble. We were here for a couple of days until we were able to get by helicopter last Tuesday and on Wednesday immediately I was able to fly back with a medical team and since then we have been operating clinics in the area.

I was lucky to find my sat phone in the rubble of the house so I was immediately able to contact my team in Islamabad…luckily I had communication means available which I also made available for the military and the local population.

We have seen many, many, many severely injured people - even ten days after the earthquake there are still people coming for the first time to our clinic with extremely infected wounds. We have been doing amputations and over the past two days we have been doing a lot of redressing and treating patients that we have seen before.

Medically-wise in this small area  - it's a valley with about 25,000 people  - things are under control now. So much under control that the day before yesterday I split my team, put them on a helicopter and now they are somewhere in an even more remote area where no help had reached so far at all.

I just had to ask my colleague from Canada what day it is today. It's Thursday today, so 12 days after the earthquake struck. I must say that there must be so many more areas like this in Kashmir where no help has arrived.

In the past 12 days I have seen many helicopters for a valley of 25,00 people  - they have distributed 2000 blankets.

And I'm sick and tired because everyday I'm telling people "help will come, help will come", but hope doesn't feed your children, hope doesn't feed yourself, hope doesn't keep you warm in the cold nights.

I am sure that there are many people trying to coordinate relief efforts but I don't see anything here in Lamnian, and things must change or otherwise people will starve to death.

First thing this morning I got out of my tent and saw a large family coming from Rashan  - even more remote that Lamnian - walking with small children to Muzaffrabad, because nothing had been brought to Rashan so far. It's making me extremely emotional and it's making me extremely angry to see this happening – I know that 12 days ago the earthquake struck and nothing, nothing has reached this area except for 2000 blankets. Things have to change.

The military did a tremendous job in the first couple of days treating a huge number of people. All my material was buried in my house so I was mainly trying to help people and trying to dig them out of the rubble.

But I cannot imagine why, 12 days later, more goods are not being transported by helicopter into the remote regions. ..