Three years of Access Campaign posters, 1999-2002

From: MSF Switzerland
Published: 2000
Copy: Access | No Access
Campaign: One of the first posters used in the Access Campaign. Children in Africa with distended stomachs and in need of medical care. Below, a view more commonly know in the West - the beer belly.


From: MSF Italy
Published: February 2002
Graphic artist: Daniela Marmoni
Copy: Selita Capozzi

Campaign: This poster was used to draw attention to the visiting 'Flytrap' exposition.

Text reads: MEDICINE SHOULDN'T BE A LUXURY. Someone dies every two minutes because they're denied access to essential medicines.
From: MSF Canada
Published: Spring 2001
Advertising Company: One Company


From: MSF Switzerland

Text reads: Got pills? Millions don't


Campaign: This poster was used to raise awareness of the Access travelling tour visiting numerous US cities.

Text reads: Unaffordably sick. Health - a human right
From: MSF Austria
Published: May 2002
Advertising Company: Strohmayer & Kirchner OEG


Main text reads: 14 million people die from infectious diseaes each year. Sadly, the only injection available to them is the one that's killing them.
From: MSF United Kingdom


Main text reads: Last year millions died from a drug problem. They couldn't get any.


Text reads: Too poor to cure. Imagine you are suffering from a life-threatening disease but the treatment costs more than your annual salary. ....


Text reads: Last year millions died from a drug problem - they couldn't get any.


From: MSF Luxemburg

Text reads: AIDS Treatment: 36 million people still waiting


Campaign: Used for the XIV Intenational AIDS conference in Barcelona, 2002, the campaign focuses on the number of people, worldwide, who have AIDS but no access to affordable treatment.

Text reads: NO Pay NO Cure


Reverse side Text reads (postcard size item): Dear President Bush, I am writing to urge the United States government to address the crisis in research and development of medicines for negelcted diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, sleeping sickness, and kala azar.....


Campaign: A two section mail-in postcard (could tear into two pieces) that could be mailed to show support for the MSF Access to Essential Medicines Campaign in the USA. Addressed to the President of the USA and to the Members of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

Text reads: Treatment Now - AIDS


From: MSF Spain

Campaign: Used as a pre-event publicity poster to raise awareness of the event.

Text reads: Access/No Access to Essential medicines


From: MSF Belgium

Campaign: The MSF Belgium office released this postcard showing the Belgian prime minister, Guy Verhofstadt, as both a healthy person and, using photo manipulation, as a victim of tuberculosis. Designed to raise awareness of the issues surrounding research and development as well as appealing to the Belgian presidency to make access to essential medicines one of the priorities on the EU agenda during the duration of the Belgium leadership of the EU.

A group of three in a series. Text reads: One third of mankind has no access to essential medicines. Health is still an unreachable priviledge. For 17 million people this means death. This is unacceptable. We need your help to change this situation. If you want to know more, go for
From: MSF Austria
Published: May 2002
Advertising Company: FCB Kobza