Terms and Conditions whilst Working for MSF

When working with MSF in the field the following terms and conditions apply:

1. Expenses Allowance
- The majority of people on missions abroad are given a volunteer contract covering a specific period (usually 9 to 12 months)
- The volunteer will receive approximately £500 per month
- MSF will meet all the costs of living and accommodation in the project country
- MSF will reimburse travel expenses to and from the home country. Travel expenses incurred at the request of MSF for the purpose of (de-) briefing will also be reimbursed.

2. Insurance
- MSF will take out an insurance policy for each volunteer to cover the following:
- health insurance
- professional liability
- private liability
- repatriation
- flight insurance
- accident insurance

3. Holidays
- The volunteer is entitled to 4 calendar weeks of paid holiday each year. For periods of service of less than one year, the amount is paid pro rata.

- If it is decided to extend a one year contract by six months, the volunteer will receive a return ticket to the home country plus an extra week’s holiday.