Patients set the agenda
In the coming years, MSF and other partners will pushing hard for more resources to be allocated to improving diagnosis, treatment and serrvices for TB patients and especially MDR-TB patients. TB&ME gives patients themselves a chance to set the agenda for advocacy, to directly communicate on what issues and challenges face them and what they think is good about their current treatment. TB&ME is an MSF initiative but the patients voices will be genuine - if, for example, there is criticism of MSF, so be it. Editing will only be done to aid comprehension. TB&ME also aims to educate the public on what MDR TB is and what can be done about it.

The blog advocates for improvement for a lot of people who are sick with a neglected disease all around the  world. It is a project where the public can interact with patients, ask questions, make comments and where patients can answer and comment back. It is a place where people with MDR TB can go to see how others are dealing with the disease.

Did you say Australian?
Yes, there is an Australian patient blogging - his name is the Fully Sick Rapper. Although he is not being treated by MSF, The Fully Sick Rapper spent nearly seven months in isolation with MDR. From here, he produced rap videos aiming at educating people about the disease. Check him out on the blog site. There is also a UK patient coming. This is because it is important that people reading the testimonies here know that TB is not a disease that only affects people from poor countries - it is a worldwide problem and the issues that patients face are not all that different.