Statement by Daniel Gluck - brother of Kenneth Gluck

Our family is devastated that my brother Kenny Gluck has been kidnapped in Chechnya where he has been working for the last year with MSF. We find it so hard to believe that anyone would do this, particularly to him, as he has dedicated his life to helping the people most vulnerable and most in need of medical attention and support. He always put the health of people he was working with ahead of his own, but we are now afraid for his own medical situation. He has severe asthma, which he has been able to keep under control because of constant medical supervision. Every moment of his life for the last ten years he has had to carry three or four medications with him to prevent an asthma attack and to immediately treat one if it should occur. We urgently ask anyone who is able to assist him, to help him get the medication and medical assistance he needs. We appeal to his captors to please take care of him and release him unharmed as quickly as possible. Daniel Gluck, 40, is an attorney and environmentalist in New York.