Somalia: Tuberculosis sufferers receive care

  • National staff : 389
  • International staff : 22 In the southern town of Kismayo, MSF provides support to the outpatients department and tuberculosis (TB) ward of the 280-bed hospital. Each year, 120,000 outpatients and 10,000 TB patients benefit from the services provided. Kismayo Hospital is the only one functioning in the whole of South Somalia. MSF's presence also permits a quick and efficient response to emergencies including the endemic cholera, malnutrition problems, the displaced and floods throughout the Kismayo area. country In the northeastern city of Gaalkayo, MSF has refurbished and equipped Mudug Regional Hospital. In collaboration with the local community, MSF is setting up a professional management and administration system. Training has been provided for general hospital staff as well as for laboratory technicians and pharmacists. MSF has launched a service for the prevention and treatment of contagious diseases such as cholera and measles. MSF has also introduced a new policy for use of medicines and diagnosis and treatment practices. The feasibility to start up a TB-programme is being monitored. However, due to the unstable health structure in Northeastern Somalia, this is unlikely in the foreseeable future. In North Mogadishu and the districts of Giohar Mahaday and Aden Yabal (Middle Shabelle), MSF runs primary health care programmes through a network of 12 health centres. Activities include the organisation and supervision of the health care service including consultations for all age groups, dressings and minor surgery, antenatal and postnatal curative and preventive care, vaccination, nutritional screening, health education, training and medical supplies. MSF also runs an early warning system for epidemics and is responsible for the Cholera Treatment Centre in North Mogadishu.