Somali MSF worker killed

On December 27, MSF Somali national worker, Bashir Yusuf Ali, was tragically killed. He worked for MSF as a logistician. Bashir was staying on the base of the Somali aid organisation AFREC in Marere. At 2.30 AM, the compound was attacked by robbers. The attackers and the guards on the AFREC-compound started shooting at each other. The MSF worker was caught in the crossfire and was shot in the head. He died shortly after. Three guards were killed and a fourth was injured. An MSF translator, who was also staying at AFREC, was captured by the attackers, but managed to escape. MSF has sent all expatriates from Marere to Nairobi in Kenya. The MSF feeding centre in Marere remains open, but all recovering children have been discharged. The clan elders in the area are discussing how safety can be improved. MSF run a clinic for primary health care and mother and child health care in Marere. In Galcayo, the organisation supports the peadiatrics and maternity wards in two hospitals on both sides of the line between the two clans in the town. MSF is also supplying drugs and takes care of the wounded from the recurrent fighting between the clans in the region.