Seven tons of MSF goods arrive in Goma

MSF has brought in seven tons of material to Goma to assist in the relief action there after the eruption of Mount Nyiragongo on January 17. The MSF shipment includes BP5 biscuits, blankets, tents and medication. Water purification remains the largest ongoing action with distribution of chlorification tablets continuing. The larger part of Goma now has access to tap water so the current water crisis seems to be well-monitored and under control for the residents who were fortunate enough to not have their homes destroyed. However there is still a substantial population that has been left homeless from the lava flow that destroyed approximately 30% of the city. The two camps, Nkamira and Mudende, are currently housing 9.000 people. At present there have been no outbreaks and so vaccination campaigns and the like are not presently foreseen in the camps.