Security risks bring suspension of some MSF activities

Due to two severe security incidents - including one where an international aid worker was killed and six others injured - MSF has suspended some of its activities in Eastern DRC. Until there is a clear picture on what happened, some projects outside the towns of Bukavu and Goma have been put on hold.

That means the suspension of basic health care to IDP's in the area, suspending the building of a nutritional centre and a delay of the start of a nutritional program.

Both security incidents happened on Sunday July 9th, 2000. On the road between Kiliba and Uvira in the South of Kivu province, a vehicle of an international aid agency (not MSF) was attacked by rebels.

There were seven people in the car. One of them was shot dead, the other six were wounded. Incidents like this happen quite frequently in the area. The attacks are principally on civilians but international NGO's are targetted as well.

On the same day two small IDP camps, with approximately 5,000 people (combined population), were attacked. The camps are next to Sake, some 27 kilometres west of Goma in North-Kivu province. Dozens of huts were burned down and looted as well as seven houses and two pharmacies in Sake itself.

Officially 25 people were killed, among them women and children. The IDP's tried to seek refuge in Sake town. It did not become clear why this attack happened and for what purpose.

In the meantime the fate of the IDP's remains unclear since they are either not willing or able to return to the camps.