Saturday morning radio

MaryBeth McKenzie is an information officer for the Candian office of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), currently visiting the MSF projects in Sierra Leone. These accounts are from her journal reports of her experiences in the field.

'Radio Free Sierra Leone' Saturday Morning listening, The Jambo Show, 98.1 FM Sierra Leone, West Africa Radio is extremely popular in Freetown. Transistor radios held right beside people's ears are a familiar sight in the streets. So, what are people are listening to? Out of the three commercial radio stations in Freetown, on Saturday mornings, the 'Jambo' show is the station on the dial. Part advertisement, part entertainment this very popular broadcast comes to its audience in a not so delicate balance of English and Creole. The call-in talk and music show features a 'quiz show' and, although correct answers will not win the participant a million dollars US, the prizes sponsored by local merchants are much desired. How well would you do? Here are a few from questions from March 25, 2000. QUESTION 1 : What are the three principle cash crops in Sierra Leone, and in what regions do they grow? ANSWER: coffee - in the eastern provinces; cacao - in the eastern provinces; cassava - in Bo district PRIZE : 2000 leones (approximately. $1 Canadian, 70¢ US, 50 pence UK) for transportation and a fried chicken and shwarma dinner Question 2 : What is the meaning of 'DVD'? PRIZE: One Hollywood VHS tape. Question 3: Name the name of a town in Asia is the name of a human being in person in Africa and name five basic human needs. ANSWER: Stay tuned. No one won the prize, so the question will be held over until next week. (The callers responses were: water, air, shelter, sunlight, food, clothing) PRIZE: One gallon of paint.