Romania: MSF welcomes medical insurance for homeless

Since 1997, MSF has provided medical and social aid at a drop-in center for the homeless as well as medical follow-up at a night shelter in Bucharest. In recent years, the program also included a strong lobbying component on behalf of these often-ignored people. Following the introduction of the new legislation in January, MSF has turned its attention to monitoring how the new law is implemented. MSF is encouraging the creation of new services for the homeless via government social departments, and helping homeless people to access these services as they become available. There is also an ongoing effort to find general practitioners who are willing to add homeless people to their patient lists. At the same time, MSF is continuing medical support to the drop-in center and night shelter. Attempts to develop a primary healthcare program in neighboring Moldova have been discontinued for the present. MSF has been working in Romania since 1990. International staff: 1 National staff: 25