Romania and Moldova: Lessening the stigma of homelessness

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Assisting the homeless Since 1997, MSF has offered medical care to homeless people and works to define the level of care the Romanian government should provide. Due to the lack of shelters, MSF encourages local medical authorities to examine and treat homeless people in hospitals that were previously unaffordable. MSF provides primary medical and social aid at a drop-in center for the homeless. Casa Ioanna, a local aid agency, operates a 60-bed night shelter, and MSF contributes by doing follow-up medical assessments. Aside from providing medical aid, MSF works to promote a favorable public perception of the homeless, to help create a broader awareness of the issue and the reasons for homelessness in Romanian society. Moldova In neighboring Moldova, MSF is in the early stages of collaboration with the Ministry of Health to improve primary health care. The focus is primarily on community-based mental health and mother and child health care in Ungheni province. MSF supports family clinics and related health posts and trains professionals working in family medicine. MSF has been active in Romania since 1990 and Moldova since late 2000. International staff: 2 National staff: 13