Rehabilitation in Congo-Brazzaville opens way to sleeping-sickness programme

After years of civil war, Congo-Brazzaville is now rehabilitating speedily. Since the beginning of 2000, an MSF team in Congo-Brazzaville has gained access to the northern Upper-Niari province and opened the region to humanitarian assistance.

With all of the original objectives of the project met one year from inception, the team is now ready to build up another programme - this time for sleeping sickness.

As a result of war, there have been negligible services for those suffering from sleeping sickness over the last five years. Currently, the extent of the disease is not even known. Accordingly, MSF plans to
survey different transmission areas and treat cases while establishing the prevalence.

One of means of intervention will be a boat, servicing communities along the Congo-Brazzaville bank of the Ubangui river.