Radio interview - SBS Australia: MSF in 2006

Marine Buissoniere, Secretary General, MSF International
"We have turned to our donors and we have asked them throughout the year whether or not they would allow us to use the money that they had given in their generous reaction to the tsunami ... to help us and assist us in other crises - the ones that don't necessarily hit the headlines... And in an amasing answer most of them agreed... and therefore we could use about three-fifths of the money that was raised for the tsunami to assist in all these other crises throughout the year."

If the southern Asia tsunami was the dominant media issue for 2005, other key events marked MSF's work for the year. The maluntrition in Niger; ongoing violence towards displaced people in Sudan; Pakistan's earthquake; work in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Three key MSF leaders describe some of the challenges faced by the humanitarian aid organmisation throughout the year. All are disasters where MSF shall still be working in 2006.