A Qualitative Assessment of a Community Antiretroviral Therapy Group Model in Tete, Mozambique

ALT Andre FrancoisA Community ART Group (CAG) meeting in Mozambique

To improve retention on ART, Médecins Sans Frontières, the Ministry of Health and patients piloted a community-based antiretroviral distribution and adherence monitoring model through Community ART Groups (CAG) in Tete, Mozambique. By December 2012, almost 6000 patients on ART had formed groups of whom 95.7% were retained in care. We conducted a qualitative study to evaluate the relevance, dynamic and impact of the CAG model on patients, their communities and the healthcare system.

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Authors: Freya Rasschaert, Barbara Telfer, Faustino Lessitala, Tom Decroo, Daniel Remartinez, Marc Biot, Baltazar Candrinho, Francisco Mbofana, Wim Van Damme

Journal: Public Library of Science (PLoS) One

Keyword(s): HIV / AIDS