Preparations for vaccination campaign in Sigli, on east coast of Aceh

The recent arrival in Sigli of an 11-person Indonesian surgical team from Jakarta to work at the General District Hospital has freed MSF staff to place greater focus on the displaced population in the region.

Using the MSF mobile clinic preparations are underway for 25,000 children between 6 months and five years to be immunised against measles, with vaccines and syringes supplied by UNICEF.

The mobile clinic in Banda Aceh recently performed 140 consultations in Pesantren Babul Maghfirah, an Islamic school in the Cot Keung district. The school normally houses 30 students plus the staff but is now a temporary home for 1,856 displaced from surrounding areas.

There was one case of bloody diarrhoea, with most people suffering from respiratory tract infections and wounds.

The MSF helicopter, servicing the west coast reaching out from Banda Aceh, has now done 20 round trips in the past eight days. Two trips last Friday were to Meulaboh, about 200kms west, where we increased the size of our team. A third flight to Meulaboh was cancelled due to heavy rains however there was one flight to Lamno where we dropped off a medical team that will stay there for three days.

The Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior, that travelled down the coast with MSF supplies, has arrived and has been offloaded in Meulobah.

In Fakinah Hospital, MSF constructed a more solid installation for water supply. With a 15 cubic meter bladder connected to two tanks on the roof, the water that is being trucked in by Australian firemen will be readily available for patients, their families and the hospital staff.

As of January 7, MSF has 104 staff in Aceh.