By plane, boat and foot

East Timor - On October 28, more returness did arrive in Dili by air flights. One flight of 42 arrived from Darwin. Another three flgiths from Kupang brought in another 290 people. Transport by boat has meant far higher numbers. October 27, one boat from Kupang with 1,885 returnees. October 28, one boat from Kupang with 1,718 returnees. October 29, two boats from Atapupu with 911 returnees. Road transport is far harder to determine. However on October 28, there were 100-200 persons per hour crossing the border at Maliana. Despite initial reports that airflights may have ended due to the rainy season, flights have been continuing from Kupang to Dili. Flights are expected for another two weeks. MSF activities in Dili remain the same for MSF. There are clinic and out patient facilities in the Dili Stadium and MSF has been providing initial consultations and care to the returnees arriving by means of organised transport. Care is also available for returnees arriving by their own means. However, given the nature of their return, it is difficult to determine where they are and when. With the steady influx of refugees, MSF is following up on how to continue providing medical assistance for the returnees. In Liquica, there has been an increase in returnees who have been sheltering on nearby islands during the post-election conflicts. Approximately 30 people arrived on fishing boats recently and a total of 2,800 people are expected.