Peru: Safe sex programme targets youth

  • National staff : 70
  • International staff : 26 MSF is supporting primary health-care services in the remote areas of Peru that used to be made unsafe by the activities of the armed groups El Sendero Luminoso (The Shining Path) and the Movimiento Revolucionario TÃ?ºpac Amaru (MRTA) during the eighties. In the isolated districts of Masisea and Iparia in the Amazonian forest, MSF trains health agents and traditional mid-wives. In Ucayali province, MSF ran a primary health care programme until March 1999 and intervened during a cholera epidemic in September and December 1998. Health and sex education is directed towards children and adolescents in four marginal districts of Cono Sur: Villa MarÃ?­a del Triunfo, San Juan de Miraflores, Villa El Salvador and Chorrillos with a view to preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS. MSF raises awareness on the risk of AIDS and the importance of safe sex among the young in schools and community centres with a presentation known as the Feria del Sida (AIDS Festival). MSF has also helped create a character known as Super Condom who goes to discotheques at night and distributes condoms and raps about safe sex. MSF has used the media to reach the largest number of young people possible. In Villa El Salvador, MSF provides medical, social and psychological assistance to pregnant adolescents and abused children. MSF has opened a consultation centre within a hospital where family planning assistance is also provided. MSF is also seeking to improve the medical situation inside several prisons in Peru including the country's largest penal institution in Lima where the population of 6.600 grossly exceeds its capacity of 1.500.