Participants to the TB symposium

Keynote Speech by Dr M. Raviglione, WHO

Prof M. Tillyashaykhov, Specialised Medical Centre of TB, Uzbekistan

Dr G. Tsgot, WHO Central Asia and Dr S. Gamtsemlidze, Project Hope

Dr V. Bayerlen, Russian Red Cross

Dr J. Veen, Senior TB Consultant

Dr G. Uzakova, GFATM, Uzbekistan

Prof S. Ismailov, GFATM/MoH Kazahkstan

Dr H. Pangtey, MSF Abkhazia and Georgia

Dr Z. Dgebuadze, National TB Programme Georgia

Dr S. Saidaliyev, Republican TB Centre Tajikistan

Dr D. Donchuk, MSF Kyrgyzstan

N. Sadradze, ICRC Kyrgyzstan

Download the complete participation list with the attached document.

Participants Tashkent TB Symposium April 2011 (PDF)