Papua New Guinea: In Bougainville, turning the Buin health center into a rural reference hospital

  • International staff : 8
  • National staff : 3 Following a civil war that lasted nearly a decade, MSF managed to gain access to Papua New Guinea in 1998. Ten years of war had left the country's health facilities in need of extensive rehabilitation. MSF works in the Buin health center, in the southern part of Bougainville, one of the islands that make up Papua New Guinea. The focus has been on improving health care for area's 70,000 people. The organization has rehabilitated the health facilities in order to help the health center become a reference hospital for the region. The team has also started training activities to raise standards of medical care, with a particular focus on nurses. New training courses will also focus on hygiene. MSF supplies drugs and medical equipment to various health facilities in the district. MSF provides direct medical care at the health center, and has seen a rise in the number of monthly consultations. The center now has about 50 births each month, and the number of hospitalized patients averages 15. Through organizing direct medical care both in the hospital and throughout the district of Buin, MSF hopes to improve the entire network of care available to the rural population. MSF first intervened in Papua New Guinea in 1998.