Overview of Somalia

There is no government in Somalia. This means that many of the things that governments provides are lacking, such as postal service, public education and libraries. However it is impressive what the private sector can do and how much organisation there is. Galcayo was very effected by the war in the beginning of the 90's. and is in the process of recovering from the devastation it suffered. Many people were killed and buildings destroyed. In the last couple of years a slowly evolving fledgling state has been formed in which Galcayo is on the southern border. North of Galcayo the clans are heterogeneous and the political situation is quite stable. South of Galcayo, things are much more disorganised. There is more violence and human suffering. The line dividing north and south is in Galcayo. Two opposing clans meet here. For a variety of reasons Galcayo has been politically stable for several years. There is more tension here then further north but, overall, things are peaceful. A lot of business goes on between the two clans in the market. Since I have been here we hear regular shooting but it is rarely directed at people. Mostly it seems to be a way of expressing strength in a tense area and it is directed in the air. There have been a handful of killings between the clans and a few more within clans - but not significantly more violence then in cities in the USA.