Over 1,400 tonnes shipped to Darfur by MSF in July alone

Click map to see where MSF is working in the Sudan emergency In July alone, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) shipped and flew over 1,400 tonnes of supplies to Sudan (representing a total value of well over three million euros). Among the supplies are large quantities of medical and logistical supplies, but also containers full of food materials. Over 6,000 tonnes of goods have been shipped to the emergency since MSF has started operations there. MSF is now working with an international staff of over 160 in 24 separate locations across the Darfur region. In addition, MSF employs over 2,000 Sudanese in Darfur to fight disease and malnutrition, thus reaching a population of around 550,000. Click images for larger view On Monday (August 16), yet another cargo flight will leave from Ostende, Belgium, carrying drugs, medical equipment and logistical materials. There are at least five more sea freights shipping from various locations in the next two weeks. In West Darfur, MSF runs activities in and around Abu Zahr, Al Riad, Armadata, El Genina, Furro Burranga, Garsilla, Habillah, Kerenik, Mornay, Nyertiti and Zalingei. In South Darfur, it has operations in Nyala, Shariya and Kass. In North Darfur, MSF operates in Al Fashir, Kebkabiyah, Shadad and Zam Zam. MSF's activities across the Darfur region include:
  • Feeding malnourished children through its therapeutic feeding centers and moderately malnourished children through its supplementary feeding centers
  • Treating patients suffering from diarrhoea (the main cause of mortality particularly impacting children under 5 and the aged), malaria and respiratory infections
  • Distributing food to malnourished children's families
  • Providing clean water and latrines to reduce the risk of disease From July 19-26, MSF teams treated around 10,000 malnourished children in its therapeutic and supplementary feeding centres. Medical staff performed almost 12,000 consultations in that week alone. Across the border in Chad, MSF assists refugees from Darfur in 11 locations with 33 international staff.